Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trust and supportive

Trust have to build on day by day and not just say it. If you want someone to trust you then please prove it with your action,give them safety feelings. You can't do something which do not make sense at all like you ask people to trust you here but on the other hand you do something that break his or her heart. This is so wrong man. It is not about the time, time will not build trust, instead action you take to prove definitely helps.                                                                                                                   Supportive - of course a person may also need to be supportive and give encouragement to his or her love one IF ONLY you do things in the right track. For example I can't be encouraging or support a person who did unethical stuff right?                                                                                                               Well, you have your principles and so am I . Each of us born differently. You have your own thinking and so I am. We can't be stubborn and only stick to our own point of view. Thus, we have to be considerate, understand and tolerate our differences.                                                                               We need both hand to clap. We need to listen on both party point of view then communicate.               If you are in a relationship, do not ever ask your love one to be consider when you want to go a trip with all girls and  you are the only guy. In this case I can't understand and don't ever ask me to be considerate and trust as your action already hurt your love one feelings. Rules are break and it won't make sense. 做人要有分寸,应该要懂得划清界线,要懂得分辨什么是对什么是错,做好自己的角色,最重要的是不要伤害你爱的人和爱你的人.你可以拥有女性朋友,但不能过分亲密接触。当然一个人需要少少的空间,但不能太过分,因为你要记得你有另一伴了.你要清楚知道你不是单身,不能享受单身人们的生活,没有很大的自由.

Sunday, March 15, 2015



Monday, March 9, 2015

Brand new level of hacker

I accidently saw this blog
Theres lots of memories I recalled
Through this blog,
I saw happiness, sadness, frustration
and all kind of feelings
you endured all the pains
and brought us happiness
Without you,
My life wouldn't be that colourful
I would like to thank you
For everything.

Stepped by,

Friday, June 6, 2014

10 years after

well what 10years after?
my 10 years means it's been a long time i never touched my blog
and so im bored and start scrolling back all those old post that i wrote
can't believe i was so immature last time
i used words like ue, wahahah, and etc
and those childish thinking
it's pretty funny to see my own writting
i start to recall everything while viewing some of the pictures
but i think its good to update frequently, so i could see how much i grow
yes,now im a degree student
well,time flies
life gets tougher
you have to leave stronger

Thursday, December 12, 2013

pieces of heart

If someone else have emergency or something important to tell,
Should have straight away call me or text me rite
Then i could hurry up reply
But through facebook might be slow rite
Cause im not the person who online24 hrs
Because of this somebody quit the page that i created
The reason i create it is because it is more easy whenever i saw something interesting and share it .
Yes, and now i online only realize why his getting mad when i text him.
Seriously hurting.
Its like building a house then when flood came and 毁坏everything in it. You know how it feel?
I truly know is not my wrong this time
My heart will melt whenever i received a truly from hearrt appologize and mean it.
But i know somehow  its hard for you to say SORRY

Saturday, September 28, 2013

life of age 18

Few months gone.. feeling older day by day.. experience lots of new things in my life. But me no likey =[
For education,
just successfully passed my semester one,although i don't know how i did that like serious i can stupidly passed my math =]feeling 得意. And now beginning of semester two. You see how time flies?

For relationship,
I know alot of my long time no see friends will always ask me 你还在一起吗?or the most common one 你分了没有?surprisingly our relationship is getting stable now less argue,  可以准备结婚生子了ner.. haha! feeling blessed

For friendship
好朋友就是好朋友,虽然少见,可是感情依然没变...feeling lucky

For financial
Last time i always thought that money is not important, but after i went to college i realized its somehow important and not enough to spend. Feeling poor



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Labour Day

Its labour day..that means mummy is not working today..
wee wang wang~off to 1u thought of makeup and curl my hair but im rushing out of time ..mum yelling dy..ended up just draw my eyebrows and off we go..went there around 11 quite early rite?but already start a little jam outside and inside the shopping mall already crowded..afternoon even worst...mygawd..saw many familiar juniors from my secondary school..reached there not long we start to starve we decided to went to a vietnam restaurants to have our branch..hmm...the food was quite okay lar..their chicken taste like satay..
after that my sister keep demanding for a Obey Hat or the what so call Hater ?..i was like what is that?
hmmm....walking around and stopped in a shop to seek for some hat..and so we  saw the hat with big  wordings wrote OBEY..hahhhaha then she just went insane and bought it...although the size was a little bigger..saw another hat at the counter..hatter hat..much more expensive weih...100 hope =p
my this is call obey lar?
is a very first time i 修眉myself... learn from youtube
dont know whether is a fail or success one
so this is before

and this is after ..obviously i draw my eyebrown dy

not forget to show my boyfie eyebrown..
ShinChan eyebrown hahahahhaah so attractive loved!

ehehhe night time going out for dinner ..weeeeeeeeeeeee
i want gooooooooooooooddddddddd fooooooooooooodddddd...delicious foooddddddd