Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trust and supportive

Trust have to build on day by day and not just say it. If you want someone to trust you then please prove it with your action,give them safety feelings. You can't do something which do not make sense at all like you ask people to trust you here but on the other hand you do something that break his or her heart. This is so wrong man. It is not about the time, time will not build trust, instead action you take to prove definitely helps.                                                                                                                   Supportive - of course a person may also need to be supportive and give encouragement to his or her love one IF ONLY you do things in the right track. For example I can't be encouraging or support a person who did unethical stuff right?                                                                                                               Well, you have your principles and so am I . Each of us born differently. You have your own thinking and so I am. We can't be stubborn and only stick to our own point of view. Thus, we have to be considerate, understand and tolerate our differences.                                                                               We need both hand to clap. We need to listen on both party point of view then communicate.               If you are in a relationship, do not ever ask your love one to be consider when you want to go a trip with all girls and  you are the only guy. In this case I can't understand and don't ever ask me to be considerate and trust as your action already hurt your love one feelings. Rules are break and it won't make sense. 做人要有分寸,应该要懂得划清界线,要懂得分辨什么是对什么是错,做好自己的角色,最重要的是不要伤害你爱的人和爱你的人.你可以拥有女性朋友,但不能过分亲密接触。当然一个人需要少少的空间,但不能太过分,因为你要记得你有另一伴了.你要清楚知道你不是单身,不能享受单身人们的生活,没有很大的自由.

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